Research Profile

Research Domains of Interest

The ARMOR Lab focuses on developing technologies and algorithms that support Digital Twins of Physical Assets and the Human Digital Twin. We leverage our two core capabilities in stimuli-responsive materials and physics- and data-driven inverse methods to solve urgent research problems in three application areas. We invite you to explore each application area and our specific research contributions.

  • Additively manufactured and composite structures

  • Distributed damage detection, characterization, and localization

  • Extreme events research and disaster mitigation

  • Structural health monitoring and nondestructive evaluation

  • Athlete and tactical athlete training

  • Field-deployable and non-radiographic medical imaging

  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation

  • Wearable sensors and systems

  • Architected wearable materials

  • Pressure mapping surfaces

  • Smart and connected prosthetics

  • Stimuli-responsive wearable systems

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