Active Research Projects

Structural Health Monitoring & Nondestructive Evaluation

Noncontact, nondestructive, subsurface damage characterization

Self-sensing, buried, piezoelectric rods

Embedded nanocomposite "sensing skins"

Multifunctional cementitious composites

High-performance graphene nanosheet strain sensors

Wireless Sensing

Field-deployable wireless sensing solutions

Multifunctional Materials and Stimuli-Responsive Structures

Model-enabled design of multifunctional nanocomposites

Novel soft material actuation and control

Architected Materials

Additively manufactured stimuli-responsive structures

Stimuli-responsive mechanical metamaterials

Human Performance Sensing and Assessment

Integrated sensing and amputee health monitoring

Field-Deployable Medical Imaging

Noninvasive infection and prosthesis monitoring

Multifunctional wearable sensors for human physiological monitoring

Human Performance Enhancement

Warfighter Rehabilitation

Adaptive mechanical metamaterials

Smart and Flexible Armor

Field-responsive mechanical metamaterials

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